HD Prime ® Analyzer for Toxic Elements in Consumer Products


Accurate. Easy to use. Non-destructive. Complies with ASTM F2853 and F2617.

The HD Prime ® Analyzer is the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution in the market for precisely quantifying and rapidly screening heavy metals and other regulated elements.

As an instrument for lead testing equipment, it complies with CPSIA testing standards.

Manufacturers, testing labs, retailers, and government agencies can confidently document compliance to ever-changing global regulations.




HD Prime ® offers the ability to:

  • Easily and simultaneously distinguish coating and substrate layer readings
  • Achieve unprecedented limits of detection for regulated metals
  • Analyze spot areas of 1mm for testing small features or components and irregular shapes
  • Take non-destructive measurements; no sample prep required
  • Enjoy ease of use in multiple environments
  • Utilize rapid screening or precise quantification
  • Automatically embed high quality image with scan data

Ideal for rapid screening and precise quantification of toxic elements in children’s products, HD Prime ® is easy to use and very cost-effective. Measurements are non-destructive and do not require costly and time-consuming sample preparation that would destroy the merchandise being tested and degrade the audit trail.

Take a closer look at the analyzer that has revolutionized the world of consumer product safety compliance!

Elements Pb, Sb, As, Ba, Cd, Cr, Hg, Se, Br, Cl (and others)
Material Selection Options Plastic, Metal, Wood, Glass, Rubber, Leather, Textiles, Bulk Paint
Test Methods ASTM F2853 and F2617
Dimensions 91 cm (w) x 66 cm (d) x 81 cm (h)


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